Music in Blair Atholl


Music in Blair Atholl has been running for more than 20 years now. It’s been such a wonderful experience to play for them. Last year, we played at the Lude. This year, we played in the ballroom of Blair Castle!

An enormous venue with a wonderful space to fill the music with, we had two concerts in the ballroom, one on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday’s concert consisted of more light-hearted repertoire, and I played Albeniz’s Cordoba that concert. However, the concert on Saturday was certainly more intense, being the themed concert with all the repertoire by the great Frank Schubert. I played some of the Schubert/Mertz songs, as well as the entire Arppegione Sonata with Frankie. It was a monumental work, and an amazing experience to work with Frankie for this concert.

It was wonderful to have such a warm audience for both concerts, and it’s was such an enjoyable way to round up the end of the Scotland tour! I look forward to returning in the future!IMG_6961.JPG


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